Our Story

This story begins with with our first bride, Anna. Preparing for her big day, she had the perfect dress in mind - the budget was a bit of a stretch, but it was a once in a lifetime moment! Making the trek to the bridal boutique with her mum and sister in tow, this perfect dress ended up being...less than perfect. As beautiful a gown as it was, it didn't sit right or fit right (but it looked so good on the model!). After trying a few more options, she got an idea of what suited her, but couldn't justify the price.

Fast forward a few weeks to a Carla Zampatti warehouse sale, trying on a white evening gown in a makeshift change room around a whole bunch of other women stripping down to their undies, she realised she had finally found the one. Flattering and minimalist, our bride received so many compliments on the gown, which was technically not even a wedding dress!

Realising that we are starting to change our perception of what a typical wedding dress should look like, Anna set on a journey to bring a carefully curated collection of dresses for the bride who dares to tell her own story. Having only spent a few hundred dollars on her perfect dress, she also knew that there didn't need to be a hefty price tag associated with it.

Alongside this, seeing the waste that one big party could generate was a huge motivator to hire, rather than sell the dresses. For Anna, it was about sharing her amazing gown with the next bride, so she could write her own story. It also helped to know that it wouldn't be sitting on the top shelf gathering dust, but continuing to spread joy and love.

At Untold, we realise that each bride is different. There is no expectation from us - one person's wedding dress can be one persons engagement party dress and another person's bridesmaid dress. It's all about giving you the tools to tell your own story!

Much love,

The Untold team