How it works



Browse through the dresses available on our shop page. 

Once you are interested in hiring, send an email to with the dates of your preferred hire period, the name and size of the dress. You can also enquire by using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page or send us a DM via our instagram.​

Our team will get back to you with available dates and hold the hire period for 48 hours. To finalise, make payment via adding your dress to your cart from the Shop page. The payment will include a deposit between $50-$200, depending on the item.



Once payment is confirmed, we will mail out the dress via Australian Registered Post. You will have the dress for 10 days.


The dress will come with a return registered post envelope. At the end of your hire period, pop the dress back in and send it back - no need to clean! We will return the deposit to you in full once we have the item back in our pretty little hands.

Have questions?


They might be answered in our FAQ.
We tried to cover just about everything you need to know.


You can also email us at: or fill in our contact form at the bottom of this page.


Can I try the dresses before I make a decision to hire?

Of course you can! We have an option to try on 1 dress for $49 or 3 dresses for $79. The hire period for this is 3 days.

Once you have narrowed down your selections, simply email the team at or fill in the Contact Us form to place your order. You can also send us a DM on instagram

How long can I hire the dress for?

The hire period is 10 calendar days. You will be expected to return your items on the day after the hire period expires. If it falls on a weekend, you can post it the first business day after the end of the hire period.

Can I hire the dress for longer than 10 days?

We get that destination weddings are all the rage and you might need a bit more than 10 days with your dress! Please email the team at to discuss available options.

Which methods of payments can I use?


You can pay directly via our online shop, once you have confirmed dates with our team. We accept Mastercard, VISA and AMEX. If we have designed a custom order (e.g. varied hire period) we will send you a separate invoice via paypal - in this case, you do not need to pay via our online shop.


Is there a retail store I can visit?

For now, we are just an online operation. However if we continue to grow and our customers keep asking, we will definitely consider this!

Where do you ship? Can you deliver internationally?

Currently, we only ship within Australia. 

How long does shipping take?


All our shipping is done via Australia Post. The standard guidelines for Australia Post is next business day delivery for Express Post and 3-5 business days for Registered Post.

What happens if I damage the item?

Each item include a deposit payment between $50-$200. If the repairs cost us more than the deposit, we will charge you for the difference.

How do you know I won't run off with the dress?


Firstly, we hope you will only ever need to use it once!

We charge a 10% late fee for each day the dress is overdue. The charge will come off your deposit and we will return you the difference.

If the dress  is not returned within 14 business days of end of the rental period, we will charge you 120% of the RRP of the dress on top of the late fees already charged.

If there is  genuine reason for a delay in returning the dress, please get in contact with us to work out a solution